Metallic Floors, Washington DCWhen deciding on a new floor, there are literally lots of choices to choose from: hardwood, bamboo, laminate, tile, stone, and polished concrete. While all the different floor types have different levels of durability, one of the most highly durable floor types is metal flooring. In addition to being durable, metal floors are also attractive to the human eye when coatings are used in a decorative pattern. When handled by an experienced, professional contractor, interesting patterns can be made for a metal floor that can even create the illusion of three-dimensional shapes. Let’s talk more about that.

Introduction to Metal Floors

One way that metal floors differ from other flooring types is that they’re generally applied in multiple layers. This is how the many different visual patterns are created depending on the colors and additives used in each layer. Some of the visual styles can include a glossy finish, a matte look, and a flakey, natural stone look. The latter is achieved by using colored vinyl chips or mineral flakes. The other visual looks are achieved by using metallic, glitter-looking pigments in an epoxy resin.

Applying these patterns in metal flooring entails employing a variety of techniques. One of those is moving the metallic pigments with a brush or a roller, which allows them to twist and turn and clump together to reflect light in different ways. Another technique is to use denatured alcohol to disperse the various metallic pigments in the epoxy resin. A third technique is to use a leaf blower to create rippling and cratering effects. A fourth technique is to splotch and blend various colors to achieve a more interesting, unique pattern.

Common Metal Floor Patterns

With all the different techniques that exist for creating unique patterns and effects in metal floors, it’s natural that these techniques would establish some common patterns. Some of these include:

Colored Glass
Lava Lamps
Lighting Strikes
Liquid Metal
Marble Slab
Moon Craters
Storm Clouds

The Advantages of Metal Floors

While there’s no shortage of reasons to get metal flooring, they are a great choice for creating a certain mood or atmosphere. This is true for both businesses and homeowners alike. Another major perk to having a metal floor is that it’s relatively inexpensive compared to the other flooring types. Businesses and homeowners who choose to go with metal flooring still get to enjoy a highly durable floor with pleasing, high-quality aesthetics without it eating a huge chunk of their bank accounts.

To further elaborate, metallic floors come with many of the same benefits as other high-quality floorings, which include resistance to wear and tear. Metallic floors also don’t puncture easily, nor experience damage from moisture and exposure to other chemicals. The smooth surface also makes it easy to sweep and mop without necessitating polishing or  waxing. Metallic floors are also highly safe as they are slip-resistant and very hygienic.

The Best Uses Of Metallic Floors

Metallic floors look great in both homes and businesses. Within a home, metal floors can create a unique living space that also keeps moisture out of the room. Metal floors can also make floors look bright and and full of depth. In business settings, metal floors can help create a sleek and professional look, especially with matte or polished finishes. Metal floors can work in a wide variety of industries, including barbershops and hair salons, office buildings, hotel lobbies, shopping centers, restaurants, and even showrooms.

The Durability Of Metallic Floors

Metallic floors in residential homes have lifespans that can last up to 30 years due to low foot traffic. The same, however, isn’t true of business, commercial, and other industrial settings as they typical experience a high volume of foot traffic than residential homes. Additionally, metallic floors in industrial settings can be easily subjected to chemical spills, accidents, and other situations that can cause them to wear and tear a lot faster, even experience damage. Given these circumstances, metallic floors in commercial and industrial settings can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years. In some cases, they can last longer than that depending on how a business facility is used.

The Cost Of Metallic Floors

Since metallic floors are relatively inexpensive, they can cost anywhere from $5.00 to $12.00 per square foot depending on the colors chosen. For garage floors, for example, neutral colors work best and therefore tend to cost less than rooms that use brighter colors. Another factor that determines price is technique and texture. For an individual who chooses to add a flakey texture to their metallic floor, for example, this could cost an additional $10.00 per every 125 to 250 square feet

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