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Welcome to the world of The Concrete, Etc., a leading provider of exceptional concrete polishing, natural stone restoration, and maintenance services for homeowners and business owners in the Rockville, MD and Washington DC Metro area. With over 15 years of experience, The Concrete, Etc.’s ownership and management team bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project. Our certified technicians have honed their skills through countless hours of dedicated work in decorative concrete and natural stone restoration. With a commitment to excellence and a range of top-rated products, we offer our customers the best options in concrete dyes, sealers, polishes, and cleaners.

  • The Concrete, Etc. Ownership and Management: At The Concrete, Etc., our ownership and management team boast over 15 years of collective experience in the decorative concrete polishing and natural stone restoration industry. Their in-depth knowledge and expertise form the foundation of our company’s success. With their guidance, The Concrete, Etc. has established a strong reputation for delivering outstanding results, exceeding customer expectations, and transforming spaces with their exceptional craftsmanship.
  • Our Team of Certified Technicians: Our team of certified technicians is the backbone of The Concrete, Etc. With a passion for their craft, these experts have spent countless hours perfecting their skills in decorative concrete and natural stone restoration. Through continuous training and staying up to date with the latest industry techniques, our technicians ensure that each project receives the highest level of professionalism and expertise. They are equipped with the knowledge and skills to address the unique challenges of each project, ensuring remarkable results that leave customers delighted.
  • Top-Rated Products for Superior Results: At The Concrete, Etc., we believe in using only the finest products to achieve exceptional results. We understand that the longevity and beauty of your concrete surfaces and natural stone depend on the quality of the materials used. That’s why we source our products from trusted manufacturers, ensuring that our customers receive the best options available in concrete dyes, sealers, polishes, and cleaners. By combining our expertise with top-rated products, we can deliver stunning finishes that enhance the aesthetics and durability of your surfaces.

Services Provided by The Concrete, Etc.

The Concrete, Etc. offers a comprehensive range of services to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our expertise encompasses both residential and commercial projects, catering to homeowners and business owners in the Rockville, MD, and Washington DC Metro area. Below are some of the services we provide:

  • High-Glossed Polished Concrete Floors: Transform your dull and lifeless concrete floors into shining masterpieces with our high-glossed polished concrete services. Our skilled technicians meticulously grind, hone, and polish the concrete surface to achieve a brilliant sheen that enhances the overall appeal of your space. The result is a low-maintenance, durable floor that exudes elegance.
  • Industrial Polished Concrete Floors: For businesses and commercial establishments that require robust and visually appealing flooring solutions, our industrial polished concrete floors are the perfect choice. We employ specialized techniques to create exceptionally strong and resilient surfaces that can withstand heavy foot traffic, machinery, and chemicals. These floors are not only functional but also add a touch of sophistication to industrial settings.
  • Stained and Polished Concrete Floors: Add character and vibrancy to your concrete floors with our stained and polished concrete services. We offer an array of staining options that can transform your floors into stunning works of art. Whether you desire a rustic, earthy look or a bold, modern aesthetic, our team can create custom stains that suit your preferences. The final result is a beautiful, personalized floor that enhances the overall ambiance of your space.
  • Epoxy Flooring: If you’re looking for a seamless, durable, and visually striking flooring solution, our epoxy flooring services are the answer. Our technicians expertly apply epoxy coatings to create a smooth, glossy surface that is resistant to stains, chemicals, and abrasion. With a wide range of colors and finishes available, we can customize the look of your epoxy floor to complement your style and meet your specific requirements.
  • Natural Stone Restoration and Maintenance: The Concrete, Etc. specializes in restoring and maintaining the natural beauty of various types of stone surfaces. Our team has extensive experience in working with materials such as marble, granite, limestone, and terrazzo. We utilize advanced techniques and professional-grade products to restore the luster, repair damage, and protect your natural stone surfaces, ensuring they remain beautiful and resilient for years to come.

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The Concrete, Etc. stands as a beacon of excellence in the decorative concrete polishing and natural stone restoration industry. With a dedicated ownership and management team, certified technicians, and a commitment to using top-rated products, we consistently deliver remarkable results that enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your spaces. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner in the Rockville, MD, and Washington DC Metro area, The Concrete, Etc. is your trusted partner for all your concrete and natural stone needs. Experience the difference and transform your spaces with our unparalleled expertise. Call today for a free estimate!