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To put it simply, concrete is an art form as much as it is a construction material. Every step of the process is important to us here at The Concrete Etc in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

We provide a beautiful touch to every job, whether it calls for decorative concrete finishes or not. We take great pride in all of the work we have completed. Our goal is to make a living doing meaningful work that we like. If they want to join our team, our employees need to have a genuine interest in concrete. You may be confident that not only do we want to please you, the customer, but we have a genuine interest in doing a perfect job. It is our hope that you will find as much enjoyment in your concrete as we do in installing it. We’re committed to making concrete art accessible to a wide audience, thus we price our services affordably. We never compromise on quality to save money and we never use shortcuts. If you’re looking for a concrete expert who cares about doing a great job, look no further.

Decorative Concrete

The regular kind of concrete gets a whole facelift thanks to decorative concrete. Get the best of both worlds with a long-lasting surface that also looks great. In terms of original uses, you’ll find that the sky’s the limit. Due to decorative concrete’s indisputable aesthetic value, it is not uncommon for a portion of the investment to be recouped upon the property’s sale.

Integrally colored concrete is a common type of decorative concrete. True integral color concrete does not require any further coloring. To get the desired hue, a specific pigment is added to the mixture. The color will not fade or wear off because the pigment is mixed right into the concrete.

Concrete can have virtually any desired surface texture after finishing. Aggregates are typically revealed using a variety of techniques, including sandblasting, chemical treatments, and others. The appearance of slate, wood, or other natural materials can be achieved by trowelling on textures. Slipperiness can be reduced by using a textured treatment on concrete.

Stenciling concrete can also produce visually beautiful results. When preparing an object for sandblasting, acid etching, or staining, specific portions are taped off in advance. Faux and mottled finishes are interesting options, and they are widely used in a variety of settings, from private residences and restaurant patios to five-star hotels and museums.

In many cases, it is more cost-effective to use a concrete stamp to make the surface look like brick, natural slate, or cobblestone than really employing those materials. Stamping creates a durable, low-maintenance surface that is resistant to wear and tear. Having various colors and borders on a stamp is more expensive than having just one stamp design. However, the visual appeal and the expense of scoring or hand-coloring concrete are typically increased.

Ridging and efflorescence can be avoided with careful and competent stamping and sealing (crystallized surface deposits).

Floors, worktops, roads, walkways, and patios are just a few of the many indoor and outdoor uses for decorative concrete. The process of matching ornamental concrete to the overall aesthetic of the property might be aided by the architectural designs and color schemes already in place.

Although the correct sealers can extend the life of decorative concrete in general, stamped surfaces are a better bet for longevity than exposed particles. Interior floors in homes and businesses benefit greatly from integrally colored concrete that may be polished. Depending on how much work needs to be done by hand, the price of ornamental concrete can range widely. Hand-troweling or -scoring, for instance, could drive up prices. Polishing is an additional step that adds to the final price.

The Concrete Etc; Pro Finishes Concrete

Concrete floor sealers are a good option for floors that are regularly wet or will be connected to other floors in the future. Concrete sealers are great finishing solutions since they add a beautiful gloss and a thin layer of protection to your floor. When applied properly, concrete floor sealers create a uniform, matte finish that dries hard.

A word of warning, though: if you choose with this option, you should know that it will show wear faster than the other finishes on our list. There is no need to worry about spending a bunch either, as the task at hand may be completed. Although concrete sealers have a durable surface, contractors say they are more adaptable than other flooring options.

You may make your concrete floor look presentable with any number of modern techniques. Keep in mind that thorough surface preparation and consistent floor maintenance are essential for the long-term and high-quality appearance of your concrete floor, regardless of the finishing style you pick.

The specialists here at The Concrete Etc. are aware that each slab of concrete has its own unique combination of qualities and will need to be worked with accordingly. We are also aware of how frequently unanticipated problems arise late at night while workers are still on the premises. A quick response is critical for completing concrete projects with a professional look.

Our top-tier concrete product supply and technical knowledge in the field are available to everyone, whether they are professional contractors or a do-it-yourselfer. From conceptualization to completion, our experts are available to answer any questions you may have about your project.