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Unpolished concrete flooring’s principal issue is the elevated profile of its surface (IE, the average size between its hills and valleys). Though the variation is on a microscopic scale, dust can accumulate in the troughs and pinholes that result, causing long-term maintenance issues.

The other issue with raw concrete floors? Its monotonous gray hue and lack of artistic value. In addition to enhancing the building’s look and boosting morale, polished concrete flooring offers a number of other advantages. Here’s the deal:

Polished concrete floors offer the durability and resilience necessary for commercial and industrial buildings. The compressive strength of standard, unpolished concrete ranges from 3000 to 6000 PSI, depending on cement quality and the particles used. The flooring’s power can be increased by 500–1000 PSI simply by polishing it with polishing densifiers. Heavy foot and vehicle traffic, including forklifts and rubber-tired light vehicles, places a premium on the stability of a polished concrete floor’s substructure. Polished concrete typically has an increased surface hardness of 7 or more on the Moh’s scale. This is achieved by using densifiers like potassium or lithium silicate during the polishing process. This means less wear and tear on the floor from scratches.

Polishing concrete is a multi-step process that results in a floor that is smoother and glossier than its natural state. The surface is first ground with diamond tools and higher-grit resin-bonded grits (often between 1500 and 3000) to achieve a silky smoothness. This glossy surface can be finished in a matte finish upon request. Glossing’s primary advantage is that it makes floors more resistant to dust, which in turn makes them easier and quicker to clean and prevents dust from becoming trapped inside the flooring. A simple and inexpensive choice for businesses worried about their bottom line.

The addition of stained polished concrete flooring improves morale in general: Concrete floors can be stained any color and polished to reveal unique patterns. Colors from an acetone stain or dye will sink into the concrete’s upper-medium without harming the material. This eliminates the need to re-paint floors every few months due to intensive use, allowing establishments to instead invest in designs that clearly demarcate various departments, machinery platforms, and directions for personnel to follow. Polishing your concrete floors will improve illumination, safety, and morale even if no stains or dyes are added.

In terms of savings, this flooring option shines when compared to others: When compared to other types of flooring, the preliminary investment in a polished concrete surface may be modest. According to market research, the average starting price for a polished concrete surface is between $1.50 and $5 per square foot.

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The term “concrete polishing” is used to describe the process of repairing and restoring concrete floors. Concrete polishing is fairly similar to resanding wood, so if you’ve done that before, you should be OK. It employs a high-powered piece of polishing machinery with grits of ever-increasing fineness. These fine grits have discs inlaid with diamonds, making short work of dull concrete surfaces and letting you polish them to perfection.

Polished concrete flooring is gaining popularity as a means to revitalize and elevate the appearance of plain concrete surfaces in newly developed buildings and refurbishment projects. Keep in mind, however, that concrete polishing is a job that calls for the expertise of an experienced and licensed contractor. Professionals use the appropriate industrial instruments for concrete polishing, and their knowledge and training allow them to quickly meet all of your needs.

Concrete polishing services were not as easily accessible as they are now since most people could not afford them in the past. But now, with the help of technology, concrete polishing services are within reach of many more people at homes and businesses. This means that your desired concrete flooring can be realized at a low cost.

One of the main draws of polished concrete is the value increase it may bring to a home or business. Polished concrete’s surface is so tough that it may withstand years of abuse without losing its gleaming appearance. Even if your children and pets spend a lot of time playing in the common areas of your home, you won’t have to worry about ugly markings and scratches on the floors or ripped-up carpets from the pets.