Gaithersburg, Maryland Natural Stone Restoration

The art of natural stone restoration lies in reviving the innate beauty of the stone that has been lost to the ravages of time and exposure. Homeowners and property managers in Virginia and Washington DC often seek out our expertise when their natural stone outdoor areas require care and renewal. With time, natural stone is subject to various types of wear and tear. This article offers a complete guide on how to choose reliable stone refinishing professionals, along with essential tips to avert common stone damage.

Types of Damages Natural Stone Can Sustain:

  • Stains:
    Stains, whether they originate from oil, rust, or water, can be exceedingly stubborn and often impossible to eradicate. Natural stone, particularly in outdoor settings, can also be stained by specific foods and cleaning acids. Rust stains are frequently caused by metal items, such as nails, bolts, cans, or metal furniture that have been exposed to moisture over time.
  • Stun Marks:
    Also referred to as ‘hit marks,’ these are white patches that appear on natural stone as a result of a sudden, forceful impact. Such strikes can expose the stone’s weak spots, leading to splitting and cracking. Depending on the force of the impact, a stunning mark can be superficial or extend deep into the entire slab of stone.
  • Thermal Damage:
    Extreme heat exposure can induce thermal shock in stone, potentially leading to fractures. Similarly, water from melted snow getting trapped in natural stone crevices can cause chipping or cracking. The stone’s susceptibility to this damage depends on its porosity and its water absorption capacity. For instance, while granite has about 1% porosity, sandstone can possess a porosity exceeding 20%.
  • Etching:
    Etching refers to the damage caused when an acidic substance corrodes and dissolves the surface of the natural stone, leaving behind a dull scar. In severe cases, the damage is so profound that it appears like a clear liquid stain. Polishing is the primary solution for eliminating such blemishes.
  • Scratches:
    Foot traffic can unintentionally introduce abrasive elements such as dirt and sand into the natural stone. This can lead to scratches, particularly when non-stone materials are involved. Heavy furniture being dragged across the stone paving, for instance, can result in substantial damage.
  • Cracks:
    If the pavers are of high quality and are handled with care during installation, cracks can be largely avoided. Factors like poor paving base or inferior jointing technique, or even tree roots growing beneath the stone, can lead to cracking.
  • Hazing:
    Natural stone surfaces can develop a white, chalky residue known as efflorescence. This occurs when rain or groundwater dissolves salts in the soil, which are then left behind as the water evaporates. Although it does not harm the stone, it does necessitate cleaning.
  • The Restoration Process:
    Restoring natural stone to its pristine glory typically necessitates professional intervention from a natural stone restoration company. After an initial assessment of the stone’s condition, the experts can determine whether it needs maintenance, restoration, or repair.

The process may take several days, during which the area is off-limits to avoid disturbance. The restoration may involve the following steps:

Diamond grinding for leveling and smoothing uneven surfaces. This enhances the adhesive properties of products meant for repairing cracks and chips.
Rehoning involves applying a mixture of water and fine abrasive powder to the damaged area, which can effectively eliminate surface scratches, marks, and stains.
Polishing with chemicals and abrasives restores the natural stone’s shine, vibrancy, and color. Even patterns and accents worn away by heavy foot traffic can be revived.
After the restoration, impregnators or sealers are applied to the stone surfaces to ensure their longevity and resilience.

The Concrete Etc: Your Trusted Natural Stone Restoration Partner in Gaithersburg, MD:

When considering the restoration of stone floors or seeking experienced stone refinishers for projects such as fireplace surrounds or cladding, it’s essential to choose the best in the business. Even after sealing, natural stone requires regular maintenance to avoid deterioration. As a leading natural stone supplier and restorer, our mission at The Concrete Etc is to rejuvenate natural stone back to its original glory. Reach out to us in Gaithersburg, MD for all your stone restoration needs.