If you’re aiming to elevate the aesthetics of your home or office with a sophisticated industrial touch, then concrete floors might just be the answer. A widely sought-after finish for these floors is the high gloss polished concrete. Known for its mesmerizing reflective quality, this finish is a top recommendation among Alexandria, VA flooring specialists. Not only does it elevate the appearance of spaces, but it also comes packed with functional advantages, making it a wise choice. In this guide, we’ll delve into the world of high gloss polished concrete, shed light on matte finishes, and elucidate the reasons behind its increasing popularity.

Understanding High Gloss Polished Concrete

High gloss polished concrete is akin to a mirror underfoot. The surface is polished to such an extent that it reflects almost like a sheet of glass, giving it a wet appearance. This sleek finish finds its home in varied places, from personal residences to large commercial complexes.

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While high gloss is all the rage, it isn’t the sole finish option. There are alternatives if you prefer a more subdued reflection:

  • Mid-range gloss finish: This polish softly reflects light, stopping short of a wet appearance. It’s a favorite for businesses, including eateries and bars.
  • Low gloss finish: This finish offers minimal reflection, perceivable only from a considerable distance.
  • Matte finish: Here, the concrete bears a hazy, subdued, and flat appearance.

Is Sealing a Possibility for Matte Concrete Floors?

Absolutely. Irrespective of the finish you opt for, sealing is crucial. It guards the concrete against daily wear and potential damage. Various matte sealers are available today, including penetrating sealers that delve deeper into the concrete compared to standard sealants. Other prominent matte concrete sealers encompass:

  • Siliconate sealers: These excel in warding off moisture.
  • Silicate sealers: These boost the floor’s resilience by forming a protective barrier inside the concrete.
  • Silane-siloxane sealers: These are adept at resisting liquids.
  • Grind and Sealed Concrete vs. Polished Concrete: Drawing the Line At first glance, both might seem identical, but the devil lies in the details. Grind and sealed concrete, requiring fewer steps than its counterpart, is more pocket-friendly.

The polished variant demands meticulous effort with diamond grinders of varying grits to achieve the desired shine. It’s costlier and more time-intensive but guarantees superior durability, crucial for areas with significant foot traffic.

Why High Gloss Polished Concrete Stands Out

Yes, it’s an investment. But one that assures long-term returns. Some compelling reasons to opt for high gloss polished concrete include:

  • Light reflection: Amplify the luminosity of spaces, be it a cozy home or sprawling commercial space, using natural or artificial light.
  • Minimal upkeep: Sweeping, occasional mopping, and periodic sealer re-application is all it needs.
  • Augmented Durability: Its robust nature stands up well, especially in commercial settings.

Moreover, the gleam of high gloss polished concrete enhances room aesthetics, making it the centerpiece of attention. Although some grind and sealed variants might offer a comparable sheen, they can’t match the longevity of polished floors.

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