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If you’re looking for garage floor epoxy companies “near me,” chances are you’ve been thinking for some time now about the best way to finish your garage floor. Whether you are remodeling an existing garage or moving into a new home, chances are you’ve heard about epoxy resin, as it continues to rise in notoriety both with flooring contractors and online DIY content producers. However, is all the buzz around epoxy warranted? Is it worth the expense and hassle of installation? And does it make sense in the context of your garage floor? In this article, we will address each of these questions, including the query of whether or not epoxy is worth it, and the top benefits associated with choosing this material to cover your garage floor.

Is Epoxy Worth It?

Perhaps one of the most common questions floor contractors get is whether or not topping their floor with a finished layer of epoxy is worth the time and expense. If you’re talking about completing your garage floor with a layer of epoxy, the project can typically cost anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000—which for many homeowners is no small chunk of change! So, do the benefits of installing epoxy outweigh the cost? We will explore this in the following section so you can make up your own mind about whether or not you’d like to invest in this awesome material!

Benefits of Garage Floor Epoxy

It’s no secret that epoxy resin floors are relatively trendy right now—and they can be a great compliment not only to garage floors, but even within the interiors of homes, businesses, hospitals, and more. So why are so many property owners hopping on board the epoxy train? We will discuss the top benefits associated with coating your floors with epoxy resin below!

Extra Durability

Perhaps the most obvious (and utilitarian) benefit of adding a layer of epoxy resin to your floors—whether inside the house or in the garage—is that they provide additional durability to the surface of your floor. In fact, it is noted as being one of the more durable floor coatings currently available on the market. Most epoxy is relatively scratch resistant, first of all—though there are plenty of additives contractors can mix in that increase the finished product’s resiliency to scratching. It is also chemical, cracking, and stain resistant—and can even hold up to damage due to impact, such as dropped heavy items making contact with its surface. This particularly makes sense in a garage, where homeowners will likely keep heavy equipment like cars, tool boxes, work benches, etc.

Seamless and Hygienic

So yes, epoxy is tough as nails—but did you know it brings even more to the table? There is a reason so many hospitals, outpatient treatment centers, and assisted living facilities rely on epoxy-coated flooring in their spaces. Epoxy can be self-leveling and creates floors with smooth, non-porous surfaces. This not only makes them easier to sweep, mop, and maintain, but also makes them less likely to harbor dirt, allergens, pathogens, and other unwanted debris. This makes epoxy one of the most hygienic flooring options on the market today—perfect for kitchens, medical buildings, and more!

Easy to Clean

As we mentioned, epoxy is a seamless material—meaning it is non-porous and does not have grout lines like floors covered in tile. This makes the cleaning and maintenance processes dead simple for epoxy floors. Aside from being chemical and stain resistant, epoxy is easy to sweet and mop, as there are no jagged edges, pores, or nooks and crannies to add resistance to the cleaning process. This is not to mention they are much less likely to harbor unwanted debris or bacteria!

Aesthetic Variety

One of the leading characteristics that has caused epoxy to become so popular lately is the visual diversity floor contractors are capable of achieving using epoxy resin. For example, you could opt for a solid clear coat—no fuss, no frills—or a solid color coat for adding brightness to a space, or you could add swirls of color, metallics, glitter, or even aggregate to the epoxy for a truly unique and one-of-a-kind finish. With epoxy, you get to decide if you want your floors to seamlessly blend in with the rest of the room, or if you’d like them to become the focal point for all your guests to admire!

Anti-Slip Properties

You may have heard a rumor that epoxy floors are dangerous and slippery, especially when wet. While this is true to a degree (much like any wet flooring surface—from concrete to wood to tile), there are ways for your experienced flooring contractor to mitigate this. If you’re worried about spills in your garage posing safety hazards for your family, talk with garage floor epoxy companies near you to see what their solutions are—from adding aggregate texture to various mix-ins that contribute a gritty quality to the finished pour.

Garage Floor Epoxy Companies Near Me

In an age where epoxy resin is booming, there is likely no shortage of garage floor epoxy companies “near me,” especially if you live in Maryland or Washington D.C. While it’s easy to get swept away in the epoxy frenzy, it is prudent to take a step back and ask yourself if an epoxy finish is right for your garage floor—and if the leading benefits like anti-slip properties, easy maintenance, good hygiene, aesthetic appeal are worth the cost of installation. If you’re anything like us, you might just find that epoxy is the perfect solution for your home!

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