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Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or industrial building owner, you understand the importance of investing in quality flooring for your space—especially if you are anticipating rough wear on the floor like heavy foot traffic, automated machinery, or constant furniture movement. When looking for a flooring contractor, Fairfax, VA property owners can be tempted to take shortcuts when it comes to finding the right fit—whether that’s only interviewing one or two contractors or simply opting for the lowest bidder. However, even after you’ve booked a local flooring contractor in Fairfax, there are ways you can verify that the installation expert did a good job—even from a layperson’s perspective. In this article, we will touch on the top seven things to look for to ensure you got the most out of your relationship with your flooring contractor and that they provided quality work.

Top 7 Things to Look for in a Finished Floor Installation Job

You don’t have to be a construction expert to see if there’s something amiss with your newly installed floors—just perceptive, attentive, and thorough. There are the top things to look out for that could influence the type of review you leave your contractor or that prompt you to continue the conversation until you are satisfied with the transaction.

1.     Check for evenness in the flooring installation: Installing a new floor is not just about the color and design, it is also about ensuring your safety. Before you stand back to admire your freshly laid flooring, take a good close look around and carefully check that is properly level. Make sure there are no tripping hazards and that at least one wall is perfectly parallel to the newly installed flooring; you don’t want any awkward diagonals! If it is not even, then you may need to locate the source of the problem and apply an appropriate fix. A little extra effort will go a long way in creating an aesthetic space that is also safe for everyone!

2.     Make sure there are no irregular gaps or spaces between planks or tile: It’s important to make sure there are no gaps or spaces between planks of wood or tile when installing your flooring. Even the smallest of gaps will detract from the overall look, cause issues with even grout lines, and even result in later maintenance problems down the road. For a uniform look and optimal results, ensure that each plank or tile is tightly butted up against its neighbor, leaving no room for air or water to penetrate even the tiniest of cracks. This extra effort will save you countless headaches and money in the future!

3.     Inspect the quality of the trim work around the edges of the room: If you’ve ever admired the even baseboards and detailed trim work around a nicely finished room, then you’ve likely witnessed the touch of an expert. Inspecting the trim work in your own home is an effective way to make sure everything is clean and even. A close look can make all the difference between an average finish and a professional one. Paying attention to even small details like this will leave your home looking immaculate with a clean, even finish that really stands out!

4.     Confirm that all nails and staples are flush with the surface of the floor—or slightly recessed: Keeping tripping hazards off the floor should be a top priority for any home. Nails and staples need to be confirmed that they are flush with the surface of the floor, or are slightly recessed. This will prevent dangerous sharp objects from protruding and potentially causing tripping hazards or other dangerous events to occur. For those items that are slightly recessed, they can be carefully filled in with a protective finish or putty in order to get it level with the other surfaces down the line. Care must be taken when installing nails and staples to ensure that tripping hazards and other dangerous objects don’t find their way into your home.

5.     Ensure any potential seams or pores in flooring are tight, barely visible, and clean: When it comes to flooring, tight seams are essential for watertight seals and improved hygiene. Ensuring that any seams in the flooring are tight provides peace of mind that water won’t be able to creep through and cause water damage. Additionally, tight seams will make it easy to clean and maintain; loose or uneven areas can collect dust and debris which is much harder to remove compared to flat seamless areas. You wouldn’t want dirt impeding your cleaning routine! By paying close attention when laying the floors and making sure they have a watertight seal, you will be left with an attractive, long-lasting floor that’s simple to clean.

6.     Look for any dirt or debris left behind by your flooring contractor: After the contractor has carried out their work on your home or property, it is important to take a few precious moments to look around and make sure that they have left things clean. Did they clean up afterward and remove any dirt or debris they were responsible for creating? This clean finish can leave a good impression of the overall work done, as it demonstrates respect for you and your home. A clean environment will also motivate you in some ways, as it reflects how seriously the contractor takes their duty and leaves you with a sense of relief that everything was handled properly. Ultimately, being vigilant by making sure no mess has been left behind helps to ensure that everyone involved can walk away feeling satisfied.

7.     Is your general impression that the job was well-executed and thoughtfully carried out? Of course, looks aren’t everything–but how do your new floors appear, both up close and from a distance? The style and materials you go with when it comes to hiring a flooring contractor Fairfax, VA can make a huge impact on the aesthetic and vibe of the space–whether you are looking to install your new floor in a private residence or a commercial setting. Another thing to consider is the caliber of customer service provided by the contractor. Would you be willing to work with them again, or even refer them to a friend or colleague?

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Once your flooring installation is complete, it’s important to check that each and every element is up to expectations. Make sure the flooring is even without any gaps or spaces between planks and confirm that the trim work around the edges is intact. Ensure that any nails or staples are sunk into the surface for added safety, checking for loose particles in the process. Seams should be tight and barely visible, with no dirt or debris left behind by the contractor. Proper completion of these steps will guarantee a beautifully finished product not only in terms of appearance but also stability and durability.  The joy of a newly renovated room that you can proudly call yours will far outweigh any stress from pre-installation checks. If you’re looking for an experienced flooring contractor that specializes in unique concrete and epoxy floors, The Concrete, Etc has got you taken care of–contact us today to learn how we can serve you, and don’t forget to browse our gallery of previous work here!