Floor Crack Repair Rockville, MD: Everything You Need to Know

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Discovered a crack in your concrete floor? You’re not alone. Emerging cracks in concrete floors are fairly common, especially in older homes and buildings. While some cracks are purely cosmetic, others can actually be dangerous and cause trip hazards—and if left unchecked, the damage can worsen over time. So, what’s the best way to deal with a cracked concrete floor? Read on to find out everything you need to know about floor crack repair Rockville, MD.

What are floor cracks and why do they happen in the first place?

Concrete is one of the world’s most frequently used building materials and it has earned a reputation for its impressive tensile strength and durability. But concrete, like other materials, is not infallible – it can suffer from wear and tear over time, such as excessive moisture or humidity levels, dramatic temperature fluctuations, water damage, improper maintenance practices, settling earth or fault lines beneath the foundation, and tree root growth. All of these can create cracks on concrete floors requiring repair. For residential and commercial property owners in Rockville, MD who have noticed cracking concrete floors–or simply want to make sure that their foundations are secure and protected from potential damages–it’s best to have your concrete floor inspected by a professional and invest early on concrete crack repairs before the issue gets worse. Fortunately for residents in Rockville, MD where floor crack repair services are available at reasonable prices, repair costs are often considered an affordable alternative when compared with total floor replacement.

If you have a cracked concrete floor, should you opt to repair it or replace it entirely?

Taking care of a cracked concrete floor depends on many factors such as budget, time constraints, preferences, and the extent of the damage. If you choose to repair your crack, it should be less than two inches deep; cracks deeper than that will always require a total replacement. If you choose to repair the damage, then you should resurface, hone, and seal the whole floor. However, if the value of your concrete floor will be compromised for settling for repairs, then consider replacing the entire floor instead. Adding a fresh layer of replacement concrete flooring adds value to your property, is easier to maintain and nicer to look at, and is generally safer than living with an imperfect surface. For your floor crack repair in Rockville, MD it is advisable to consult a professional to find out what is right for you prior to making decisions—don’t be afraid to call multiple contractors and ask for their rates and customer reviews.

How much does floor crack repair cost, and is it worth the investment?

The cost to repair cracked concrete floors as of 2022 was on average $12.66 – $15.13 per square foot, often resulting in a tab of $300 or more depending on the size of the room. While covering the damaged concrete with a thin, fresh layer can be cheaper, this solution may not address any underlying issues that may have caused the cracks and could lead to further damage and additional costs down the line. Newly laid concrete floors can cost anywhere from $3-$20 per square foot, depending on the prep work needed to repair the damage and the extent of the home or business owner’s aesthetic desires. Therefore, it is worth considering professional floor crack repair as a worthwhile investment in order to save money as well as ensure a safe, long-lasting base for years to come.

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Why should I hire a professional to fix my cracked concrete floors vs. DIY?

When it comes to fixing cracked concrete floors in Rockville, MD it is essential that you hire a professional. From guaranteed results to quality craftsmanship, the professionals offer a great finish, whether that includes dyeing, staining, acid washing, etching, or other creative designs. Rather than having to call them back in after you have attempted a DIY job yourself and failed, why not allow the skilled professionals to do what they do best and get a guaranteed quality result? You will have peace of mind that your cracked concrete floors are fixed properly and with expert finishes.

How can I prevent floor cracks from happening in the future?

As a property owner, there are several ways to prevent floor cracks from occurring in the future. Most importantly, it’s important to compact the subgrade underneath your concrete floor before pouring or laying down a new layer. You also need to use less water in the mix when you’re laying your concrete, as too much water means more shrinkage when the concrete begins to dry, which can mean more cracking. Selecting the right strength concrete for the job is important – if you plan on doing a lot of heavy traffic over your floor, be sure that your mix is strong enough. Don’t rush the drying process either; by allowing your freshly laid concrete surfaces to gravel and dry out at their own pace, you will avoid some big headaches down the road when it comes to possible cracking. Furthermore, make sure that any joint placement is done correctly so that excessive movement won’t occur. It’s also beneficial to remove large trees too near your house since they can cause soil heaving near basement floors and lead to serious complications. Luckily, these problems don’t have to happen if you practice proper maintenance.

Floor Crack Repair Rockville, MD with The Concrete, Etc.

Floor cracks come in all shapes and sizes, but the solution is always the same: timely maintenance and repair. Cracked concrete floors are not cosmetic issues – they can result in surface damage, structural problems, and even pose safety hazards. That’s why it’s important to take care of your cracked floor right away so that you can avoid more costly issues down the road. Floor crack repairs are not as expensive as one may think; however, these types of tasks should generally be left for professionals to handle, and are best dealt with right away.  With their knowledge and experience in the field, asphalt contractors can get the job done quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to their clients’ daily lives. Additionally, basic preventative measures such as sealing joints annually or routinely inspecting your driveway will also minimize potential problems from arising later on.

If you’re looking for help regarding floor crack repair, Rockville MD professionals at The Concrete, Etc. have a streamlined process designed to meet your individual needs in a cost-effective manner. At The Concrete, Etc., our experts offer high-quality services with customizable results at a competitive price – contact us today or click here to browse our gallery of previous work!