Epoxy Garage Floor Return On Investment, Virginia

Do you want to find ways to improve your garage’s style and performance? Don’t discount the value of fixing the floor, though this area is typically used for storage, parking, and projects. Epoxy for the garage floor is a great way to modernize the space. The epoxy coating could be the best choice for your property if you hate looking at dull, unsightly cement every time you enter the garage. The final result is polished and attractive, making your garage look like a professional workshop. Epoxy flooring for garages is one of the most popular options, and it’s easy to see why.

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Epoxy flooring has been widely used in commercial and industrial settings for many years. Epoxy flooring remains popular in these larger structures, but it is also quickly gaining favor in the residential sector. Quality garage flooring is sought after by homeowners for its aesthetically pleasing and utilitarian qualities. Both the demand for and supply of garage epoxy flooring services have increased in recent years. Many homeowners are thinking about upgrading their garage floors, and if you’re one of them, you should get professional help. It could be easy to underestimate the importance of sealing a garage floor. Many believe that a new coat of paint would restore a used object to its former glory. Preparing floors and installing quality products requires a high level of expertise. To guarantee the best results, it’s also crucial to employ the appropriate methods.

Do not underestimate the benefits of hiring a professional contractor rather than browsing the internet for “how to epoxy garage floor.” Hiring a professional crew is the best and quickest option to get your garage floor sealed. Garage floor epoxy is a case where you truly do get what you pay for; cheap options simply can’t compare to professional-grade coatings.

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It’s a popular misperception that epoxy garage floor coating is a fancy new way to paint cement. Garage floor epoxy is not like the latex acrylic products on the market, which is the truth. Adding a small amount of epoxy to paint can make it last longer. It’s still painted, after all! The results of applying epoxy paints versus a full epoxy product on your garage floor are drastically different.  Epoxy is a thermoset resin that is applied to the concrete’s surface. When epoxide resin is combined with polyamine hardener, this coating is created. Epoxy gets its strength and durability from the hardener chemicals in the mixture.

Epoxy paint dries, but epoxy cures, which is a key distinction between the two. An epoxy resin cures as a result of a chemical reaction that takes place when the two components are combined. Because of the polymer structures that are generated throughout the manufacturing process, garage floor epoxy provides superior durability and strength to other flooring options. It takes a little longer for the curing to finish, even though the surface may feel dry. At last, epoxy coating is substantially heavier than paint. For the product to form a strong bond with the concrete surface, the surface must be adequately prepared beforehand.

Contractor Estimates, Epoxy Floors, Virginia

When estimating the price of garage floor epoxy, it’s important to talk with your chosen contractor about what exactly needs to be done. All required services should be included in the quote. Some contractors may provide poor bids because they overlook essential steps like cement preparation before applying the epoxy.

Most comprehensive epoxy estimates cover everything from planning to cleanup:

  • Cement repairs for cracks and chips
  • Roughing up the surface of the cement before application
  • A thorough cleaning to remove dust and grime
  • 3 coats of epoxy: primer, base coat, and topcoat
  • Curing time between coat applications

Inquire about a repair plan and warranty coverage as well. You should hire a contractor who is committed to their work and provides guarantees. The importance of working with a seasoned group cannot be overstated, especially when quality is at stake.

The Concrete Etc; Epoxy Garage Floor Return On Investment, Virginia

Today, epoxy floor coverings are becoming increasingly popular in a variety of settings, including homes, companies, garages, and more. The beauty, resilience, and longevity of these flooring options are unparalleled. After we’re done expertly installing your epoxy floor, you won’t have to keep repairing your floors as often. If you need an epoxy flooring quote, feel free to contact us here at The Concrete Etc.