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If you’re planning on renovating your home or garage, you’re likely aware that there is no shortage to choose from of professional concrete floor polishing contractors; Aspen Hill, MD offers some close competition for concrete contracting work—but when it comes to selecting the right contractor for your job, look no further than The Concrete, Etc. Not only will our crew expertly install, cure, and finish your concrete floors to your desired shine and aesthetic, but we also work with epoxy as well!

But why even bother polishing concrete floors in the first place? Is a concrete contractor worth it? And what can you expect from quality, professional concrete floor polishing contractors, Aspen Hill, MD, and the surrounding area? In this article, we aim to answer these questions and more!

Why Polish Concrete Floors?

When most people conjure images of concrete floors, furniture, or construction foundations, they typically visualize grey, subdued materials. However, the simple act of polishing your concrete floors or countertops with ever finer grits can result in a dramatically different aesthetic that brings a unique atmosphere to your space—and it can even be a way of better caring for your concrete so that it lasts for years to come.

Benefits of High-Gloss Concrete Finish

While it can cost more in terms of time until completion and the amount of labor involved, there are some crucial benefits that can come with taking the time to bring your concrete floors to a high degree of polish. These include but are not limited to:

·      Increased durability: While it might seem slightly counterintuitive, the more time you spend grinding your concrete floors with gradually finer and finer grits, the tougher and more resistant it becomes to potentially damaging influences in the future—including cracks caused by water damage, impact marks, scratches, and more—especially if the floor has been polished and sealed afterward. Increased polishing and grinding is actually a great way to add value and lifespan to your concrete floors—and while it does initially cost more than a matte finish, some homeowners feel the tradeoff is worth it.

·      Less porous surface: The smoother your floors, the less likely they will collect unwanted materials—from dirt and allergens to bacteria and water. High gloss concrete floors are also a bit easier to clean and sanitize, as they are less porous than their matte floor counterparts.

·      High light reflectivity: Looking for creative ways to brighten up your space without adding more light fixtures, windows, or skylights? Consider buffing your concrete floors to a high degree of polish. This has a way of reflecting natural light (or even light from fluorescent bulbs) and significantly brightens the room while cutting down on utility bills. This is one reason why this type of finish is so popular with business owners looking to display their wares literally in the best light possible.

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Benefits of Matte Concrete Finish

In general, the more thoroughly you polish the concrete, the more resistant you are making it to cracks and damage, harboring pathogens, allergens, dust, and dirt, and increasing light reflectivity—which can do wonders to brighten up a space. That being said, there are reasons why a home or business owner might opt for a matte-finished concrete floor or countertop as well, including:

·      Subdued, unique look: If you’re looking to add a layer of intrigue to your interior décor, opting for a less-reflective, matte finish can dramatically change the mood of your space. With less shine and polish, matte concrete floors are generally a little softer on the eyes and can dish up and highlight cool tones and add dimension to your desired interior aesthetic.

·      Lower costs: You guessed it! A matte finish takes less time to accomplish as there’s less grinding and reduction of diamond grits involved. This also means your floor will be ready faster—and may even make it more receptive to chemically bonding with color treatments like acid stains, dyes, and other types of visual adaptations.

·      Easy to repair: Because the matte concrete floors are in a less refined state than a high-gloss concrete floor finish, any cracking, scratches, or impact marks that may occur as a result of daily life can more simply be patched, re-honed, and mended without arduous hours spent repolishing a patch job. Did we mention matte concrete floors look great with throw rugs as well?

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What to Expect from Concrete Floor Polishing Contractors Aspen Hill, MD

Concrete is one of the most amazing construction materials to work with—just ask any concrete contractor in Aspen Hill, MD. From its sturdy, long-lasting nature to the list of endlessly customizable visual adaptations, there is a lot to love about opting for concrete flooring. But what can you expect from a quality concrete floor polishing contractor?


The best concrete floor polishing contractors Aspen Hill, MD has to offer will arrive at your property early or on time, work during their agreed-upon hours, and vacate the premises at the close of the day. You should never have to question the status of your concrete floor installation and polishing, as all should be agreed upon in advance.

Quality Work That Lasts a Lifetime

When done right, concrete floors can last upwards of 100 years. A properly installed and finished floor could potentially outlive the homeowner and be an heirloom character trait on a property that is passed down the family line.

Tidiness and Respect for Personal Property

Part of the way a good contractor can prove their value to you is by cleaning up after themselves as they go along—especially leaving the finished product in as pristine a state as possible after construction. This is a fundamental aspect of their job that should not be seen as optional.

Clear Communication and Expectation Management

The best contractors will work with your goals and expectations, including materials and budgeting concerns. Those willing to work within your budgeting constraints while still offering you the highest-value experience are those to look for.


The best contractors will always exhibit professionalism through prompt and timely communication, reliability, adaptability to customer requests, and ability to work within certain limitations or creative constraints. The customer’s experience is just as important as the type of work they leave behind—so do your research in advance and select the right concrete contractor in Aspen Hill, MD for your needs!

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Best Concrete Floor Polishing Contractors Aspen Hill, MD

Concrete floors can come in all sorts of finishes—from brightly colored dyes to swirling and creative stains to different levels of polish and shine. When it comes to selecting from concrete floor polishing contractors, Aspen Hill, MD residents can do no better than The Concrete, Etc; we offer everything from staining, dyeing, etching, and honing concrete to layering epoxy as well.

Ready to get serious about your upcoming renovation project? Contact the pros at The Concrete, Etc today!