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What if you needed an industrial or commercial floor with everything you could possibly need? One that could withstand use without requiring extensive upkeep, one that could look lovely and last a lifetime, and one that could be purchased for a pittance? Polished concrete floors are everything you’ve heard and more, and it may sound too wonderful to be true. Let’s take a closer look at concrete polishing, including its advantages, common uses, and care and maintenance.

Which method of concrete polishing you use will be somewhat determined by the desired result. For the most part, the method entails prepping the floor by making sure it is level and filling it with a densifier. The surface of the floor is then ground down to obtain a matte finish or a high-gloss, mirror-like finish, depending on personal preference. For the aggregate to be fully visible, a finer grinding step is necessary. Contrarily, though, such a finish is unusual in business establishments.

Let’s dissect this into its component parts by outlining the process for polishing concrete floors in detail.

  • The initial cut sets the stage for the subsequent steps. The concrete finisher will use a metal-bond diamond tool with a coarse grit, like 20/30, to grind the floor down if there are any coatings or uneven patches to remove. In any other case, a metal diamond of either 50/60 or 100/120 grit will suffice for the preliminary cut. In this manner, the floor is prepared to take in the densifier.
  • The concrete finisher should use an acrylic-based grout to seal any air pockets, hairline fractures, or tiny holes that may have been created during the initial grinding process. The concrete finisher will go over the grout with a metal diamond of 100/120 grit while it is still wet, sealing any pores that may have formed. A squeegee is used to finish the job of cleaning the floor.
  • The next step is to apply a densifier, which will solidify the cement and grout so that they are ready to be polished. Once the densifier has cured completely, any scratches left behind by the metal-bond diamonds can be polished out using hybrid diamonds with a finer grit. The next move can be made if the ground seems even.
  • The floor is now ready for the primary polishing process. The concrete finisher’s choice of grit for the polishing process is determined by the desired end result in terms of appearance and feel. In many cases, the procedure starts with 400-grit resin abrasives, which may be the sole abrasives required for a lower-gloss finish. The concrete finisher may then use an 800-grit resin pad to achieve an even higher gloss level.
  • Guard/sealer: The concrete finisher will use a penetrating guard to seal and protect the floor. After curing, the protection is strengthened, making the floor even more sturdy. You can get the job done without a guard by using a topical sealer, but it will only sit on top of the concrete and won’t protect it from the inside out. It is possible that a sealer would require curing with a high-velocity burnisher.

Why then are polished concrete floors popular in many office buildings, storage facilities, and even private residences? Polished concrete floors have become increasingly popular as people learn about their many advantages. Looking at the benefits and drawbacks of polished concrete floors, it’s clear to see that the former outweighs the latter. Concrete’s sole real drawback is that it might be uncomfortable to walk on in some cases. It may be uncomfortable to stand on concrete for extended periods of time because of its hardness and lack of giving. This hardness naturally has benefits in terms of durability and strength. Installing mats in areas where workers are required to stand for lengthy periods of time can also help alleviate any pain they may have.

In addition, there are instances when you’ll notice how chilly concrete is. This is more of a problem in homes, where individuals frequently go barefoot, than in places like factories or offices, where shoes are rarely removed. The good news is that a radiant floor heating system can keep a polished concrete floor toasty warm for bare feet. Below are just a few of the many benefits of polished concrete floors:

  • Inexpensive Compared to other flooring options, polished concrete gives off a more modest price tag. The total cost of ownership is less than that of any other widely used flooring option, and the initial cost per square foot is competitive with that of cheaper options like carpet. If you currently have a concrete slab and plan to have it polished, the cost is much lower.
  • Resistance to wear and tear is exceptional, making polished concrete an excellent choice for industrial and warehouse settings. The polished concrete floors in a warehouse are sturdy and can withstand the weight of people and machinery. Polished concrete floors are extremely resilient, and are hardly ever damaged by everyday wear and tear. Corrosive substances, such as alkalis and acids, have no effect on a polished concrete floor that has been properly sealed.
  • Polished concrete floors last for a long time since they are very durable. Even after being subjected to heavy foot traffic, a well-built and maintained polished concrete floor can last for decades, if not centuries. Vinyl, wood laminates, and carpets are no match for this durability.
  • Simple upkeep is another benefit of having a polished concrete floor. Unlike many other flooring options, they don’t need regular maintenance like waxing or stripping. They are also simple to disinfect. They don’t attract dust or filth as some other flooring options do and can be kept clean with simply an occasional mop.
  • Polished concrete floors are environmentally preferable since they don’t necessitate the use of potentially harmful chemical coatings, cleansers, or adhesives during installation or maintenance. The energy efficiency of these floors is another reason why they are considered a “green” option.
  • Because it is sealed, polished concrete maintains a constant humidity level, which is beneficial to human health. Due to its lack of rough spots and pores, it prevents the accumulation of dust mites, filth, and bacteria. Similarly to other hard surfaces like hardwood and carpet, polished concrete does not emit any VOCs into the air. As a result of these measures, air quality has improved.
  • Some people may be wary of polished concrete because of safety concerns regarding its smooth surface. In the event that safety is a problem, a non-slip epoxy coating can be applied to the concrete’s surface to offer just enough texture to keep people from sliding around. A polished concrete floor might be completely risk-free if it is coated properly.
  • Highly reflective: polished concrete floors in a high gloss surface reflect light very well. In addition to improving the aesthetics of a room, these lights can also make a room feel brighter. It is possible that installing these flooring could reduce the quantity of artificial light required, and thus the associated electricity costs. Simply increasing the amount of available light can transform a room’s ambiance.
  • The final appearance of a polished concrete floor can be altered in countless ways, so even if you have a preconceived notion of what it should look like, you may be surprised. A wide variety of aggregates, colors, and patterns are available, and you can even select the level of gloss you prefer. It is possible to add a unique touch to the floor by engraving or printing a design of your choice.

Call the specialists at The Concrete Etc. to install brand newly polished concrete floors or transform your existing concrete into a thing of beauty. We have been doing this for a long time, so we know how to get you the features and aesthetic you want. Our polished concrete flooring has acquired a solid reputation in Maryland and the surrounding area.

We have state-of-the-art equipment, sealants, stain protectors, and more at our disposal, so we can make sure your floor doesn’t just look good today but keeps looking good for years to come. In light of all the benefits, polished concrete floors should be considered for your next construction project. Send in your inquiry for more details as soon as possible.