There are many routes that you could go when it comes to finishing your lower-level floors, but have you considered the basement slab? Rockville, MD homeowners and renovators know that many benefits come with this type of durable flooring. But what exactly is a slab floor?

Basement slab flooring is a popular choice for homeowners looking to finish their basement. A slab foundation offers many benefits, such as durability and moisture protection. In this article, we will discuss what a slab foundation is, the benefits of a slab basement floor, and why you should opt for a specialized concrete contractor for your flooring rather than going through a general contractor.

What Is Basement Slab Flooring?

This type of flooring, also called a “slab basement,” is a concrete basement floor poured without footings. This means that the basement walls are created and the concrete slab is poured around the floor—technically creating a floating slab.

What Is a Floating Slab?

A floating slab, commonly made out of concrete, is a floor that is able to move vertically with the movement of the earth. This becomes increasingly important as the seasons change and the ground freezes and thaws, causing contractions and movement. Often, the aim of a floating slab is to pour it below the frost line, so it is able to endure these temperature changes.

What are the Benefits of a Basement Slab Floor?

As with any type of flooring material you choose, there will be pros and cons to each. Here are some of the key benefits of basement slab flooring:

1.     Durable: Concrete floors have been known to last for thousands of years. Nowadays, if you have a concrete floor installed, it is likely to outlive you if you maintain it correctly!

2.     Hygienic: Basement slab floors can be sealed so that they are resistant to water, dust, mold, mildew, and other allergens that may gather in other flooring materials such as carpet. This is one reason why they are so popular in hospitals and industrial settings.

3.     Easy to maintain: Once a concrete slab has been cured, honed, polished, and sealed, there’s very little maintenance required. A simple dry mop with a microfiber cloth followed by a gentle floor cleanser makes for happy concrete floors for years to come.

4.     Customizable: The sky is the limit with how you want your concrete floors to look. Don’t get hung up on the color gray as being the only option—think of it like a blank canvas for you to work with!

5.     Ecologically friendly: Concrete is one of the least ecologically-damaging materials to work with in construction, with no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) released during the installation process.

6.     Budget-friendly: What’s more, simple concrete slabs can cost as little as $4 per square foot for basement slab installation! This means you can budget your money differently and end up with more room to play with your design!

7.     Can help with climate control: Concrete floors can be a great way to insulate your house and keep the temperature within consistent. If you’re curious about how you can save money on your electrical bill by switching to concrete flooring, contact your local professional concrete contractor and ask them about radiant floor heating!

One potential downside of basement slab in Rockville, MD is dealing with moisture. If you live in a damp environment, water can seep beneath your floating slab and create pressure beneath it. This can in turn move the slab up and down, causing cracks to form. However, this can be mitigated with the presence of a sump pump placed in the lowest area of the basement to keep things as dry as possible.

Why Work With a Concrete Contractor When Building a House?

General contractors often know a lot of the logistical tricks of the trade that go into building a home or commercial property; they are often well-connected within the community and savvy when it comes to making construction decisions about the building and how it’s impacted by the surrounding environment. However, there are times when you would want to call a specialist in to do detailed, finer work.

Concrete floors can be a predictable soft, matte gray—but they can also be dyed or stained in a wide variety of colors and patterns, etched in a wide variety of ways, coated in a hygienic, self-leveling layer of colorful epoxy, and even imprinted with logos or geometric designs. Chances are, your average general contractor won’t have those tricks up her sleeve—or the years of experience necessary to execute the job well, without leaving a mess behind.

A concrete contractor will also have the ability to install radiant heat within your floors, which can transform any basement from a damp, dreary atmosphere to one that is inviting and pleasant. This is also likely to help you lower the cost of your utility bills in the future—a big plus for those looking at the long game when designing a home or commercial building, rather than short-term solutions.

Basement Slab Rockville, MD

When it comes to concrete, you have a whole world of options—and it’s not a flooring material that must strictly be relegated to the basement. In fact, many homeowners and renovators are bringing concrete flooring into their living rooms and kitchens for its many benefits and customizability.

If you’re interested in durable, low-budget, high-reward flooring like basement slab, Rockville, MD concrete contractors are only a phone call away! The floor of your dreams is just around the corner. Contact The Concrete, Etc. today for a quote, or browse our portfolio of previous work here!