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If you’re currently in the process of remodeling, renovating, or newly constructing a home, you may be looking for assistance from concrete coating contractors. Fairfax, VA homeowners know that not only is concrete a solid (literally!) long-term investment in a practical nature due to its longevity and easy maintenance but it can also be customized in a myriad of ways to add style and personality to your home. In this article, will we go over the basics of concrete coating, including what it is and what its benefits are, as well as some of the ways homeowners or business owners can alter the appearance of their concrete-coated flooring!

What Is Concrete Coating?

You may think that once you have a concrete slab or foundation, it’s time to polish and seal the concrete and hurry on your way to life with concrete floors. However, there are a world of options available to you if you are not interested in a dull matte gray finish on your flooring. Concrete coatings are any type of liquid finish used to coat the surface of an existing concrete slab—whether that be another layer of cement or concrete, polyurea, epoxy, paint, or a simple sealing solution. This not only adds another layer of durability and protection to your concrete floors but can even make them more resistant to collecting bacteria, dust, and allergens and make them even easier to clean. This is not to mention your aesthetic opportunities are nearly endless!

Benefits of Concrete Coating

While it is possible to polish and seal a concrete slab and call it a day when it comes to laying concrete floors, this does limit your possible aesthetic outcomes and may even impact more practical characteristics of your floor as well. Even with a high degree of polish and a robust chemical sealant, concrete floors with an extra layer over the top are going to be better equipped for all that your life or business has to throw at them. Here are some of the top five benefits of adding a top coating to your concrete floors:

1.     Easy maintenance: If your concrete has been properly coated with a protective layer of any sort, this makes maintaining your floors even easier in the future. All that a well-installed concrete-coated floor needs in order to remain its best is a regular—usually, weekly—dry mop followed by a wet mop using a gentle cleansing agent. If properly cared for, concrete floors can last for decades and decades.

2. Allergen-friendly: Concrete is naturally relatively porous—however, if properly sealed or coated with another layer of material like epoxy, any small pockets in its surface will be filled, rendering a smooth, seamless surface. A perfectly smooth surface means your floors will not only be easier to maintain, but will also be less likely to harbor allergens, dirt, or germs—which is why so many hospitals rely on epoxy-coated concrete floors as part of their efforts to keep the environment sanitary.

3.     Long lifespan: As we mentioned, concrete floors can last for years on end—but by adding an extra layer of protection, you can ensure that your floors are given the best odds possible to last for the next 50 years or more—without worrying about replacing them or updating them frequently as with other materials, like vinyl or tile.

4.     Opportunities for anti-slip: Some people fear that concrete floors can be slippery and therefore dangerous to walk on—however, this is usually only true when they are wet, or if you are running headlong through the house in socks. However, if this is a cause of concern for you, it is valid—falling on concrete is an unforgiving experience that can seriously injure a loved one. Fortunately, there are numerous easy ways to mitigate this. The first is by adding throw rugs to your hallways, living rooms, bedroom, etc. to prevent unwanted slipping. Another is investing in “house shoes” or slippers that have an anti-slip tread. But perhaps most popular of all, there are additives a professional concrete contractor can throw into the mix that create a slip-resistant surface—much like you’ve likely experienced near a swimming pool. Talk to your local expert concrete contractor today about how to keep your concrete floors functional and safe!

5.     Endless decorative variation: Perhaps the most obvious appeal to concrete coatings is that there are so many different ways you can customize your floors—from creating geometric patterns, imprinting company logos, dyeing the floors a vibrant color, or even applying a unique, acid stain finish that leaves a one-of-a-kind design. What’s more, homeowners can opt to add a layer of epoxy resin to the top of their concrete floors, further adding protection, depth, color, or sparkle. Concrete floors can be so much more than just a drab gray!

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Best Concrete Coating Contractors Fairfax, VA

While it can save time and money to simply pour a concrete slab and call it a finished floor—particularly in a basement setting—adding an extra layer of epoxy, cement, paint, or nonstick coating can be an affordable way to add depth, value, safety, and aesthetic appeal to your floors. Not only this, but applying a concrete coating can be one approach to providing a homogenous, beautiful finish to previously cracked or damaged floors, costing anywhere between $3-$12 a square foot, depending on the material you choose for the job. However you choose to visually style your concrete floors, adding an extra layer over the top can provide some practical characteristics as well—from added safety measures to increased home value.

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